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Title: Reactive oxygen species formation in the model systems of cysteine end copper ions complex in vitro


The combination of cysteine and copper-histidine complex ([Cu-(His)2]) in presence of atmospheric oxygen can generate reactive oxygen species (ROS), what manifests as light chemiluminescence. The reaction had a “two-step” characteristics. In the first step - a “lag-phase”,was observed a short-lived intermediate compound ([2His-Cu2+-CysSH]). The second step started when free reductive cysteine had been used up;in this step the chemiluminescence impulse was generated as an evidence of ROS formation. The nature of the intermediate compound might be investigated by decelerating the process of mixing of cysteine with [Cu-(His)2] complex. This situation was obtained by construction of a “two-phase” model reaction with cysteine and [Cu-(His)2] complex arranged in slowly mixing layers. At stable cysteine concentration, the amount of ROS formated was directly proportional to [Cu-(His)2] complex concentration. Formation of the transitional derivative complex was also investigated using spectrofotometric method. Production of H2O2 in the reaction of cysteine and [Cu-(His)2] complex was detected by amperometric system. The injection of one big portion of cysteine into reaction mixture led to less intensive ROS formation than the same amount of cysteine injected in multiple small portions. Similar results were obtained in the model reaction with cysteine immobilized in agarose gel and [Cu-(His)2] complex in liquid phase overlaid on the gel surface.

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