Title: Assessment of effectiveness of pharmacological methods of labor induction in late intrauterine fetal death


Intrauterine fetal death occurs from 1 to 7 per 1000 labors. Causes of fetal demise include maternal and fetal conditions, placental and umbilical cord abnormalities. There are several methods of labor induction described. The purpose of this study was assessment of the effectiveness of chosen methods of labor induction in patient with intrauterine fetal death. Comparison has included three groups of patients: one group induced with intravenous concentrated oxytocin infusion, second group induced with vaginal misoprostol, and third group induced with combination of vaginal misoprostol and intravenous oxytocin infusion. This was a prospective study involving 90 women hospitalized at the Department of Septic Gynecology and Obstetrics of the Jagiellonian University. Inclusion criteria were defined as follows: patients with diagnosed intrauterine fetal death after 22 weeks of gestation or estimated fetal weight over 500g. Exclusion criteria were as follows: multi−fetus pregnancies, previous uterine scar, acute obstetric situations. The best effectiveness of labor induction was achieved equally with misoprostol in 100μg intravaginal dose every 4h and with intravenous concentrated oxytocin infusion (25U/l). Successful delivery rate in misoprostol group was 93% after 24h and 97% after 48h. In the second group, where oxytocin was administered: 93% after 24h and 100% after 48h. In the third group of patients induced with misoprostol and oxytocin combination: 76,7% after 24h and 97% after 48h. The effectiveness is influenced by parity, cervical dilatation, rupture of membranes, gestational age.

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