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Title: The incidence of persistent Epstein – Barr virus infection in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis


Introduction: The etiology of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) remains unclear. The main role in development of IPF plays alveolar epithelium impairment as well as a chronic inflammatory process. The Epstein-Barr virus may lead to basement membrane discontinuity and alteration in alveolar epithelium cell phenotype. Aim: Assessment of frequency of EBV DNA and its mutated WZhet form among patients with IPF compared to a control group with IIP. Materials and methods: Thirty patients (11 female and 19 male) with IPF aged 36 to 79 were included. The diagnosis of IPF was established based on the major and minor criteria of ERS/ATS in 43.3% of subjects, and in 56.6% of dubious cases VATS was performed determining the diagnosis in histological examination. During routine diagnostic procedures (bronchoscopy) a brush biopsy was taken and the acquired material was subject to genetic analysis in the search of EBV DNA and its mutated WZhet form. The control group consisted of 9 patients with IIP (histological dgn after VATS): 2 NSIP, 2 DIP, 5 COP (2 male, 7 female) aged 42 to 79. Results: There was a higher frequency (p=0.04) of EBV in IPF (60%) comparing to the control group (22.2%). Among 30% of subjects with IPF, WZhet virus was detected, which was not present in the control group. There was no relation between EBV or WZhet presence and steroid therapy in IPF (p=0.32 and p=0.74) nor in IIP (p=0.27)as well as GCS dose (p=0.16 and p=0.16), symptom duration (p=0.95 and p=0.2), DLco %. (p=0.86 for EBV and p=0.78 for WZhet), the BAL profile (p=0.19, p=0.29, p=0.59 for EBV and p=0.25, p=0.32, and p=0.53 for WZhet), the type of immunological response. The presence of EBV and WZhet in IPF was significantly more frequent compared to other ILD of known etiology (p<0.001 for EBV and p=0.017 for WZhet). Conclusions: The Epstein-Barr virus in the brush biopsy material from patients with IPF is significantly more frequent compared to other IIP, as well as presence of the mutated form WZhet, which was not detected in the control group. There was no association between presence of EBV and WZhet and the duration and advancement of IPF, the duration of GCS therapy and its dose, the cellular profile in BAL and the type of immunological response against EBV. EBV as well as WZhet were significantly more common among IPF patients in comparison with other ILD of known origin.

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