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Title: Some aspects of energy-saving pacing in the light of the author`s studies


The study investigated the properties of the pacemaker (PM) fractally coated endocavitary electrodes (EE) depending on the cathode type. The other aims: to consider the possibility of manufacturing a "lifetime pacemaker" and to exam the preference of patients in relation to dimensions of the PM. The investigation included EE: 190 TiN, 244 Ir, 90 Pt. It was shown that the high impedance EE had only a small effect on the PM estimated longevity. All EE manifested a good acute and distant pacing threshold.The pacing threshold in follow-up showed a higher value compared to acute measurements (0.64-0.70V p=0.000-0.039). The high-impedance Ir EE allowed for a lower distant stimulation threshold compared to the steroid active Pt EE (p=0.017-0.022). The steroid active Pt EE showed no advantage with respect to the distant threshold in comparison to the passive TiN EE (p=0.72-0.89). The rheobasis of the steroid Pt EE was 0.59V and the chronaxie was 0.23ms. The longevity of the 10µA quiescent current 2-chamber PM equipped with Pt EE in case of using a 0.9Ah cell is of 9.3 yrs and 25.8 yrs with a 2.5Ah. The actual longevity of the 2-chamber PM was 94 mths in TiN and 88 mths in Ir leads (p=0.015). The working time of the 1-chamber PM was 115 mths, 2-chamber - 91 mths (p=0.000). The survey performed in a group of 145 patients with PM showed high acceptance of larger, but long-lasting PM.

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choroby układu krążenia ; inżynieria biomedyczna

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Uniwersytet Jagielloński. Collegium Medicum. Wydział Lekarski.


Jacek Lelakowski

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