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Title: Polish and Italian apothecaryfromthe 13thcentury tothe 18th centuryexemplified byitsorganization inBologna and Krakow. T. 1-2


The subject of the dissertation is a comparativeanalysis of Polish and Italian apothecary in thepre-academic period (before creation of theacademic courses of pharmacy) exemplified byits organization in two cities: Bologna andKrakow. The analysed subject was divided intothree periods: 1. The origins of apothecary inBologna and Krakow (13th-15thcentury) 2. Therise of apothecary in Bologna and Krakow (16th-17thcentury) 3. The apothecary in Bologna andKrakow during the 18thcentury. In every periodthe issues concerning apothecary shops(legislation acts regarding opening and running astore, its supervision and assortment) andapothecaries themselves (origin and social status,education, membership in guilds and fraternitiesetc.) have been described. Obtainedconclusionsshowpoor developmentof the Krakowapothecary organization in comparison toBologna during the whole analysed period. Therewas no guild of apothecaries in Krakow (incontrary to Bologna where there was a strongprofessional association) and no office to controlapothecary stores. Few laws issued at that timeZał. nr 1 do § 2 zarządzenia nr 45Rektora UJ z 12 czerwca 2006 rokuwere barely respected. The lack of professionalsolidarity in Krakow was caused by multiculturalenvironment (many apothecaries wereforeigners)and strong competition between apothecaries ingaining royal privileges, monopoles and highmunicipal offices.

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2 - studia doktoranckie

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farmacja ; historia medycyny

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Uniwersytet Jagielloński. Collegium Medicum. Wydział Farmaceutyczny. Muzeum Farmacji.


Zbigniew Bela

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ZB-121435, ZB-121436


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