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Title: The effect of some compounds presenting cardiovascular activity on rheological and biochemical parameters of red blood cells


The aim of the thesis was to determine in vitro effect of compounds I-VII presenting cardiovascular activity on rheological and selected biochemical parameters of red blood cells (RBC). Compounds I and II belong to xanthone derivatives, whereas compounds III and IV are appropriate aroxypropyl derivatives of (2-methoxy)phenylpiperazine. Other compounds are pentoxifylline (compound V), lisofylline (compound VI) and the metabolite of propentofylline (compound VII). In this paper the effect of compounds I-VII on deformability and aggregation of RBC from healthy donors and from patients with chronic venous insufficiency was assessed. Furthermore, the influence of tested compounds on selected biochemical parameters of RBC was evaluated. An additional purpose of the study was to determine the mutagenic and antimutagenic profile of compounds I-IV using Vibrio harveyi assay. Studies have shown beneficial effects of compounds I-IV on rheological parameters of red blood cells. These compounds may improve the passage of RBC in the vasculature and ameliorate the well-established changes in RBC rheological parameters. Additionally, compounds I and II showed antioxidant properties. Compounds I-IV were found to be nonmutagenic in Vibrio harveyi assay also compounds I and IV showed antimutagenic activity. Compounds V and VI significantly increased in vitro deformability of RBC. In addition compound V significantly inhibited aggregation of red blood cells and facilitated the breakdown of RBC aggregates. Furthermore, compounds V and VII exhibited antioxidant properties.

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2 - studia doktoranckie

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Uniwersytet Jagielloński. Collegium Medicum. Wydział Farmaceutyczny. Katedra Chemii Organicznej. Zakład Chemii Bioorganicznej.


Henryk Marona

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