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Title: Microemulsions as a potential dosage forms for poorly water soluble drugs


The objective of the study was to assess possibility of using microemulsions (ME) as formulations allowing pharmaceutical accessibility improvement of poorly water-soluble drug such as: prednizolon (PR), indometacine (IND) and fluorouracil (FU). 14 ME, with different composition, were prepared. 11 - W/O type and 3 - O/W type. The influence of the examined compounds on PR and IND solubility, which depended on ME type and composition was showed. Taking the best ME into consideration, 120-times growth of PR solubility compared with its solubility in water was found for the O/W type. As far as IND was concerned the W/O type ME, turned out to be the best solution and resulted with 24-times growth of solubility compared with water. Diffusion speed of drug compounds was examined in Franz cells. The ways of penetration of all studied compounds were consistent with zero-order kinetics. Depending on the type of ME and drug compound character this process perceeded with different speed. Diffusion of IND from the ME type o/w was compared with Elmetacin® compound. After the same period of time, the amount of IND that was realesed from the ME was 2 times bigger than from the ready-made compound. The ME was designed to be used on the skin, and the gel formulation was developed. Release of all substances went according to the zero-order kinetics rules. The release rate of IND turned out to be 43 times higher when compared with Metindol® preparation, and it was 2.5 times higher for FU when compared with Efudix®. The ME consisting of Tween 20 and lecitine as surfactants was the most effective FU carrier. The ME was used as a carrier of FU in the examination on cancer cells culture.

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