Assessment of the relationship between endothelial function, aortic stiffness and the extent of atherosclerosis


Kopeć, Grzegorz


pulse wave velocity ; aortic stiffness ; endothelium ; atherosclerosis


Aim: Assessment of the relationship between aortic stiffness and endothelial function and the association between both of them and coronary artery disease (CAD). Comparison between two indices of aortic stiffness: measured invasively (aortic pulse wave velocity - aPWV) and noninvasively (carotid-femoral - cfPWV).Methods: 206 consecutive patients (80 female) aged 59,6 ± 8,6 with stable angina were enrolled in this study. Main cardiovascular risk factors, endothelial function by brachial flow mediated dilation (bFMD) test, cfPWV and aPWV were assessed. All parameters were analyzed in respect to the extent of coronary artery disease. Results: The increase in aPWV and cfPWV and decrease in bFMD were independent predictors of significant coronary artery stenosis (CAS). A positive correlation between bFMD and aPWV in patients without significant (CAS) was found. aPWV and cfPWV were significantly correlated. cfPWV was greater than aPWV but the difference decreased along with age and the progression of CAD. The ability to differntiate between patients with and without significant CAS was similar for aPWV and cfPWV.Conclusions: The presence of significant CAS was associated with stiffer aorta and worse endothelial function. Measurement of cfPWV and bFMD may be of clinical value in patients with symptoms of CAD. Aortic stiffness correlates with endothelial function in the early phases of CAD. The terms aPWV and cfPWV usually used interchangeably do not mean the same. However both of these parameters have similar predictive value in refer to significant CAS.

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