Effect of blood pressure telemonitoring in patients with arterial hypertension


Brzozowska-Kiszka, Małgorzata


hypertension ; self blood pressure measurement ; telemonitoring


The aim of study was a comparison between self blood pressure (BP) measurement and telemonitoring system efficacy in evaluation of antihypertensive treatment, correlation with cardiovascular (CV) risk and influence on quality of life (QoL). We randomized 80 patients with primary 1 or 2 grade hypertension (mean age: 51,3±9.8 yrs.): 40 to telemonitoring group (TELE) (mean age: 50.1±9.6 yrs.) and 40 to self home BP measurement group (SDOM) (mean age: 52.5±10.0 yrs.). The CV risk was calculated in EuroSCORE scale. In SDOM group BP measurements were performed by OMRON M5-I device. In TELE group we applied telemonitoring system of BP (TensioCare).Treatment regime in groups was the same. On each visit (after 1, 4, 7, 10 month) was performed ABPM. On first and last visit patients filled the PGWB form for assessment QoL. Reduction in BP was observed in groups in office, home (TELE: -8,5/-4,6 mmHg, SDOM: -8,6/-3,2 mmHg, p<0,05) and ABPM (TELE: -15,0/-8,5 mmHg, SDOM: -14,0/-6,6 mmHg, p<0,05) measurements. ANOVA analysis didn’t showed any BP difference between groups. Home DBP in TELE was significant lower than in SDOM. SBP in TELE was in significant correlation with EuroSCORE value (r=0.57; p<0,05). QoL increased significant in whole group (index PGWB from 88,8±15,5 to 93,1±14,2 points, p<0,05), but in each group separately QoL not increased significant. In regression analysis QoL improve ; ment was related to BP reduction. TensioCare system provides similar results of BP control as self BP measurement using the OMRON M5-I device at the same treatment regimen. Because both TELE and SDOM groups were not different in BP values obtained in ABPM, systematic difference between telemonitored and self measured DBP is secondary to inter-device difference. Telemonitored BP is strongly related to cardiovascular risk than self home BP measurement. The type of monitoring method does not affect QoL and improvement in QoL after treatment was related to BP normalization

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Uniwersytet Jagielloński – Collegium Medicum


Kawecka-Jaszcz, Kalina



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