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Title: The evaluation of irradiattion techinques after post-mastectomy


The main goal of this investigation was to find the best post-mastectomy irradiation technique from the point of view of the dose distribution in the planning target volume (PTV) and to get the smallest load for critical organs, e.g. heart and lungs. In the present work we have chosen a group of 103 patients suffering from breast cancer and exposed to postmastectomy radiotherapy between the years 2002 and 2005. After CT scanning, the PTV and organs at risk such as heart, lung, head of humerus, brachial plexus was contoured for each patient. In the present work three techniques were chosen for post-mastectomy irradiation used by physicians of Oncology Clinic at Unit of Radiotherapy of University Hospital in Krakow. Dose Volume Histogram was calculated for structures within the PTV, lungs (ipsilateral) and heart for each individual treatment using the three dimensional (3D) treatment planning system, Helax – TMS 4.0B. Based on these Dose Volume Histograms the dose distribution was analyzed for the relevant structures. My investigation revealed that the best dose distribution is obtained for the photon fields. The dose which the heart received during irradiation on the left side of the chest wall was significantly higher as compared to right-side irradiation. On the basis of this investigation the mixed electron/photon fields is recommended in the treatment of patients who had mastectomy on the left side of the chest wall. From the results of this research it is suggested that to avoid the ischemic heart disease the mixed electron/photon fields technique is the safest during the irradiation of the left side of the chest wall. The situation is different for patients who had treatment on the right side of the chest wall. The research for this group showed that the least harmful is the photon fields method.

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