An importance of the microcolpohysteroscopy in diagnostics and therapeutic qualification of intraepithelial neoplasia and early invasive cervical cancer


Bereza, Krzysztof


cervical cancer ; microcolpohysteroscopy ; colposcopy


The accurate evaluation of the localization and the extent of intraepithelial neoplasia and early invasive cervical cancer permits the employment of conservative treatment , especially in young women who want to preserve their reproductive function. It is especially important when the conization is thought to be not only a diagnostic procedure but also an effective therapeutic management of the lesion. That can be done with the aid of microcolpohysteroscope that was first introduced in the 80-es by Hamou. The aim of the work is to: 1/ the assessment of the role of MCH in determination of CIN and early invasive cervical cancer topography, localized in endocervical canal as well as the estimated stage of the disease based on histologic results of directed biopsy with the aid of MCH. 2/ the assessment of the stage in which the MCH procedure allows the exact, pre-therapeutic diagnosis and the optimal and effective treatment On the basis of the results of the tests and their analysis the following conclusions were made: 1/ The MCH test of the epithelium of the cervical canal is of great value in diagnostic procedures, because the histological results of directed biopsy, taken under the control of MCH show a high consistency with the histological results of the material obtained during an endocervical curettage and the final histologic recognition, which makes it possible to abandon ; the excochleation of the uterus. 2/The MCH test makes it possible to identify squamocolumnar junction in the case of its localization in the cervical canal, as well as to define the layout of pre- and tumorous changes with the endocervical localization. 3/ The MCH test makes it possible to plan precisely the extent of sparing surgical treatment , which is vital for the effectiveness of therapy and future reproduction.

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2 - studia doktoranckie

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ginekologia ; onkologia

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Basta, Antoni



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