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Title: Malocclusion and breathing disorders in children


The percentage of malocclusion in children aged 10-13 varies from 60 to 76% and improper air intake is a common breathing disorder accompanying malocclusion. The aim of the study: 1. To evaluate relation between malocclusion and improper breathing through mouth 2. To define differences in parameters describing the ventilatory efficiency of upper and lower respiratory tract in children from different groups according to the air intake type and according to the type of malocclusion. The research was conducted in 110 children aged 10-13 years, diverse under type of air intake. In performed tests malocclusion was found in 52,73% of children, including: distoocclusion – 32,7%, cross bite – 10%, overbite – 9,1%, open bite – 6,4%, deep overbite – 3,6% and frontal disorders (0,9%) together with linguoclusion (0,9%). Malocclusion was found more often in children with improper way of breathing. According to the laryngological examination 70% of children were breathing through mouth habitually. In group of children breathing through mouth, active frontal rynomanometry revealed higher indexes of nose resistance: for breath in mean value 0,491 kPa/l/s, for breath out 0,521 kP/l/s, compared with children breathing through nose - for breath in 0,4 kPa/l/s, for breath out 0,414 kPa/l/s. Disorders of ventilatory function of lungs were observed the most frequently in children breathing through mouth and with medium or severe malocclusion. They had bronchial obstruction, mainly of small bronchi obstruction. Respiratory regulation analysis has shown that in the group of children with oral respiration and malocclusions the neuromuscular respiratory drive was elevated in comparison to the controls (index VT/Tin - 0,562 : 0,526).

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2 - studia doktoranckie

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stomatologia ; pediatria

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Wydział Lekarski


Marta Dyras

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