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Title: The effect of cysteine desulfuration on the proliferation of normal and neoplastic brain cells


The aim of the studies was to determine the correlation between the level of sulfane sulfur, gene expression and activity of enzymes involved in sulfane sulfur formation, and the proliferation of neoplastic cells. The level of sulfane sulfur is lower in neoplastic cells in copmaprison to normal cells. In normal (astrocytes) and neoplastic (astrocytoma U373) brain cells 3-mercaptopyruvate sulfurtransferase (MPST) is the main sulfane sulfurgenerating enzyme. A correlation has been found between the activity of MPST, the level of sulfane sulfur and the proliferation of neoplastic cell lines U373 and SH-SY5Y. Lcysteine precursors increase MPST activity and the level of sulfane sulfur and this effect is associated with the inhibition of the proliferation of U373 cells (N-acetylcysteine (NAC), ribosecysteine (RibCys)) and SH-SY5Y cells (NAC). However, the effects of NAC and RibCys are dose- and time-dependent. The experimental conditions were found under which NAC inhibits the proliferation of U373 cells but does not change astrocyte growth. It was shown that NAC stimulates expression of MPST in SH-SY5Y cells what suggests that the activity of MPST in the presence of NAC results not only from an increase in cysteine level but also from an increase of the synthesis of mRNA for MPST. Both L-cysteine precursors, NAC and RibCys enhance the concentration of glutathione in the investigated ; cells. Cystathionine, substrate for CST, increases CST activity in U373 cells and slightly stimulates their proliferation.

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biochemia ; onkologia ; neurologia

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Wróbel, Maria

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