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Title: The influence of the type of oxidizing agent used under the stress conditions on the transformation of selected fluoroquinolones


The subject of this dissertation research is the evaluation of the influence of various oxidising compounds on the oxidation process of selected fluoroquinolones (FQs). Stability is one of the key requirements that should be met for both medicinal substances and drug forms. Changes in the structure of a chemical compound that 1s a component of a pharmaceutical preparation can lead to a reduction in its therapeutic efficacy and changes in its physicochemical properties, or even to the formation of products with harmful or toxic effects. Among the chemical reactions that can accompany processes associated with drug transformations are oxidation. (Oxidation is one of the chemical reactions that can accompany processes associated with drug transformations.) One of the tools used to assess stability, identify products and degradation pathways for pharmacologically active substances as well as pharmaceutical preparations are stress tests. In the present study, it was decided to investigate the oxidation of FQs under stress conditions in the presence of selected oxidising compounds, i.e. hydrogen peroxide, potassium manganate (VII) and 4,4'azobis( 4-cyanopentanoic acid). The project planned several main areas of research to assess the oxidation of selected FQs. The first involved the development and validation of methods for the determination of the compounds ; under study alongside their oxidative degradation products, the performance of the oxidative degradation process in the presence of selected oxidants and its kinetic evaluation. The second area of research involved the identification of the degradation products and the determinatioi;i of the mechanism and direction of the transformations taking place. An attempt was also made to investigate the antimicrobial activity of the oxidation products of selected FQs. The results obtained within the framework of the present PhD thesis allowed us to extend the previous knowledge conceming the influence of the type of oxidant on the oxidative degradation processes of selected FQs under stress conditions, together with the mechanism of the transformations taking place and the structure of the obtained degradation products. lt was found that the oxidation process of FQs depends on the type of substance, the oxidant used, and the reaction conditions. In addition to their scientific value, the results of the study appear to have application, taking into account the undesirable changes in medicinal products caused by the oxidation process, which can occur during the preparation of the drug formulation, as well as during its storage.

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2 - studia doktoranckie

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Rada Dyscypliny Nauki farmaceutyczne


Hubicka, Urszula ; Maślanka, Anna

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