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This publication is protected and can be accessed only from certain IPs.

Title: Hydrogel dressings as potential carriers designed for topical delivery of active substances


The goal of the research conducted in this dissertation was to develop flexible hydrogel dressings with trans-resveratrol (RSV) as a model active substance with anti-inflammatory and healing promoting properties. In order to achieve the aim of the study, the influence of the parameters of manufacturing dressings by freeze-drying, cyclic freeze-thawing and 3D printing on their quality was determined. For the first time, an in vitro model was designed and tested using magnetic resonance imaging to evaluate the phenomena occurring at the dressing-wound interface. It was shown that only the cyclic freeze-thaw method made it possible to obtain the form of a solid, elastic sheet characterized by the ability to absorb fluids without permanent loss of shape, higher mechanical strength in comparison with commercially available hydrogel dressings, i.e. Aqua-Gel® and Hydrosorb®, and comparable elasticity and adhesion force values. The bi-directional transport of fluids in the dressing was also demonstrated, i.e. the possibility of using the developed materials both to moisten the wound and to absorb excess exudate. The use of sublimation drying and 3D printing methods did not produce materials with satisfactory mechanical properties. The developed hydrogel dressings with RSV were found to have prolonged release of this active substance mainly by diffusion. Moreover, the effect of PVA c ; oncentration on the release profile of RSV from the dressings was demonstrated. The presence of RSV in the dressing formulation was shown to increase the mechanical strength of the hydrogels.

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2 - studia doktoranckie

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Rada Dyscypliny Nauki farmaceutyczne


Jachowicz, Renata ; Krupa, Anna

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