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Title: Effect of a diet containing natural pre- and probiotics, DNA methylation and modification of bacterial flora for the reduction of adipose tissue


The poor quality of the diet of obese people affects the epigenetic processes and gut microbiota, which may contribute to problems with weight reduction. The main aim of this thesis was to evaluate the effectiveness in the reduction of fat mass by low-energy diet enriched potential pre-and probiotics compared to the standard reduction diet. The study subjects obese women with simple obesity, aged 25-45 years. Diet intervention lasted for three months, during which women with Diet B used the standard low-calorie diet while women with Diet A used low-calorie diet with increased frequency of eating potential pre- and probiotics. After three months the average reduction of adiposetissue was 5.63±3.10 kg regardless of the diet used. In the stool samples of both studied groups there was an increase in the number of Akkermansia muciniphila bacteria and reducing the Faecalibacterium prausnitzii bacterias in group women using the standard diet. The level of global DNA methylation did not change after 3 months of diet, however, a positive correlation between fat mass and the global level of methylation was noted depending on the quality of used diet. A potential possibility of regulating the methylation regulation of FTO gene promoter with diet was observed.

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