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Title: Pharmaceutical profile evaluation of selected selenoorganic compounds and hydantoin derivatives with potential application in the therapy of cancer


The search for new anticancer drugs and adjuvants in cancer therapy is an important challenge of the pharmaceutical sciences. The aim of this study was the biological, pharmacological, pharmaceutical and safety profile evaluation of 25 selected active representatives of organic selenocompounds and hydantoin derivatives. In order to complete the biological activity screening, the cytotoxic activity evaluation on the neuroblastoma and astrocytoma central nervous system derived cell lines was conducted. Furthermore, the determination of the anti/pro-oxidant activity and drug combinational assays with doxorubicin were performed. In addition, the safety and pharmacological profiles of the tested derivatives were also estimated.The results of the experiments proved that either tested organic selenocompounds or hydantoin derivatives can become potential candidates for anticancer drugs or adjuvants in anticancer therapy. Especially, selenoesters, due to their strong antitumour activity, may also become drug candidates for modern chemotherapeutic compounds, which can act synergistically with commonly used anticancer agents. The most active selenocompounds turned out to be ketone-containing selenoesters (EDA-71, EDA-73), or methyl selenoesters with a pyridine ring and two selenium atoms (EDA-119) as well as a cyclic phthalic selenoanhydride (EDA-A6). Among hydantoins the best pharmaceutical profile achieved arylpiperazine hydantoin derivatives with diaromatic moiety at position 5, i.e. the (spiro)fluorene compounds (AR-3, AR-5) and 5,5-diphenylhydantoin derivative ML-2.

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Uniwersytet Jagielloński. Collegium Medicum. Wydział Farmaceutyczny.


Jadwiga Handzlik ; Gniewomir Latacz

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