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Title: Prognostic and predictive significance of HER2 receptorin breast cancer


The aim of trial was assessment of: 1) prognostic value of HER2 receptor and 2) predictive value in adjuvant chemotherapy (CMF vs. anthracycline-containing schedules), and 3) adjuvant hormonal therapy (only with tamoxifen vs. aromatase inhibitors-based therapy), in women with initially operable breast cancer by analyzing the effect of HER2 status assessed with the immunohistochemical method (IHC) on the probability of 5- and 10-year overall and disease-free survival (5y/10yOS and 5y/10yDFS, respectively). The study was performedon group of 391 women operated due to breast cancer from 01.01.1994 in University Hospital in Cracow, and then treated with adjuvant therapy, or observed /follow-up only. The observation of all patients (pts) was completed on the 31.12.2010. The 0, 1+ and 2+ levels of HER2 receptor expression were scored as the normal expression, whereas 3+ level as overexpression. HER2 receptor overexpression was observed in a total of 69 pts (17.6%). It was demonstrated: 1) in one-way ANOVA that HER2 overexpression reduces DFS (HER2 0, 1+, 2+: 5yDFS-78.3%, 10yDFS-60.2% vs. HER2 3+: 5yDFS-62.7%, 10yDFS-31.6%; p<0.001); 2) in two-way ANOVA that progression risk was higher (HR 1.87, 95% CI 1.21-2.90) in pts with overexpression; 3) in the survival analysis that HER2 overexpression in pts treated with tamoxifen only reduced the percentage of 5yOS by ca. 20% (HER2 0, 1+, 2+: ; 5yOS-90.8% vs. HER2 3+: 5yOS-69.3%; p=0.003), that of 10yOS by ca. 30% (HER2 0, 1+, 2+: 10yOS-84.4% vs. HER2 3+: 10yOS-54.8%; p=0.003), and that of 5y and 10yDFS by ca. 40% (5yDFS-85.1%, 10yDFS-69.4% vs. 5yDFS-47.4%, 10yDFS-31.6%, p<0.001).

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