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Title: Effects PEMF on parameters of viability of the oral mucosa keratynocytes treated with Escherichia coli LPS and minocycline


Recently concern exists about the possible harmful and/or beneficial, healthy effects of magnetic fields (PEMFs, low frequency pulsed electromagnetic field) on human body. This has led to a growing interest in the influence of PEMFs on cell viability and life processes. Although the data reported in the literature are quite heterogeneous with regard to PEMF intensity, type of field, and subjects exposed all of them nonetheless suggest a strong link between PEMFs and inflammation or tumorigenicity. Magnetic field exposure was shown experimentally in stomatology to beneficially affect the healing process and pain inhibitory effects . The aim of this studies was to evaluate effect of in vitro exposure oral keratynocytes on PEMF. Methods. Studies were carried out on humans oral keratynocytes . Magnetic field parameters: frequency 7 Hz at a flux density 30 mT. The 96-well plate with keratynocytes stimulated with LPS and/or minocycline and control ones were placed in the generator pocket. The field was applied three times for 4h per each stimulation with 24 h intervals between stimulations. Results revealed, that in general PEMF exposure affects all phases cells life inhibits apoptosis and necrosis. Effects of the PEMF are related to antyinflamatory and prokancerogenic action. Minocycline, cytoprotective antibiotic decrease percent of cells in late apoptosis but increase percent ; of cells in early apoptotic phases and necrosis. PEMF reverse minocycline effects increasing percent of cells in early apoptosis and necrosis. Bacterial LPS decreased percent of cells in both apoptotic phases but increased necrosis potentiating inflammatory response. PEMF with LPS decreased late apoptosis but increased percent of necrotis cells , all of these actions have beneficiary effect on wound healing. When homogenous apoposis group (early & late vs necrosis) were calculated highest increase of early parameters of the cells viability occurred after minocycline treatment, PEMF potentiate effects of minocycline. In homogenous group of the necrosis (early vs late apoptosis & necrosis) highest increase of late parameters of the cells viability occurred after LPS treatment with PEMF reversing these effects of LPS. Obtained results confirmed our hypothesis about appropriateness of PEMF exposure in patients with bacterial stomatitis as well as conjuction classic antibiotic therapy with magnetic field treatment.

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