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Title: Effect of triterpene saponosides on human prostate cancer and normal cells- in vitro study


Triterpene saponins are secondary metabolites occurring in higher plants, class of dicotyledonous. It has been shown that these compounds posses cytostatic effect , induce apoptosis and have ability to inhibit the invasive activity of cancer cells. The biological activity of saponins depends on their chemical structure.In the present study we analyzed the impact of new triterpenoid saponins (first isolated from three species of plants belonging to the genus Lysimachia) on prostate cell lines. Among of seven saponins selected for analysis of cytotoxicity (LTS 1 LTS 2, LTS 3 LTS 5, CIL 1, CIL 2, Lclet 4) three (CIL 1, CIL 2oraz Lclet 4) were the most active and showed the highest selectivity. Further studies have shown that the most active compounds (CIL 1, CIL 2, Lclet 4) have also a cytostatic, apoptotic effect and have ability to inhibit migration of prostate cancer cells differing in the degree of invasiveness (DU145 and PC-3). Normal prostate cell line (PNT 2) are insensitive to the effects of tested compounds. Among of the three saponins only CIL 1 inhibit potential of cancer cells to transmigration and change their nanomechanical properties. Studies have shown a synergistic effect of saponin Lclet 4 used together in co- administration with mitoxantrone on DU 145 cell lines.The results indicate that the triterpene saponins are full of new therapeutic perspectives and their ; further studies are fully justified.

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Janeczko, Zbigniew ; Michalik, Marta

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