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Title: The relationships between infiltration of inflammatory cells and overproduction of superoxide anion in the wall of abdominal aortic aneurysms


Introduction. Pathogenesis of abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) is complex and not fully understood. It is suggested that, in different locations of the aneurysm, inflammation and oxidative stress intensity is different. The aim of the study is to assess the infiltration of inflammatory cells and overproduction of superoxide anion, in three areas of the AAA wall: "the neck area” of the aneurysm (NA), part of the maximum enlargement (MD) and the transitional area between them (TA).Methods. The study included 43 patients who underwent repair of AAA, from which a fragment of an aneurysm was taken. The project used methods: flow cytometry, lucigenin-dependent chemiluminescence and real-time PCR.Results (median, Q1, Q3). In the AAA wall infiltration of leukocytes increased 13-fold, while for T lymphocytes 35-fold, as compared to control. Leukocyte infiltration and T cells were consistently high in all studied areas: NA, TA and MD. Leukocyte infiltration was respectively 672(273,1299) vs 713(344,1500) vs 670(280,1333) cells/mg, and the Tcells: 132(47,316) vs 185(59,491) vs 202(50;455) cells/mg. The highest production of superoxide anion was observed in NA area in comparison to TA and MD (115(62,193) vs 57(17,149) vs 45(16,130) RLU/sec/mg, NA vs TA p<0.05, NA vs. MD p<0.01) we also observed increased expression of genes Nox2 and Nox5 NADPH oxidase. Conclusions. Leukocytes and T cell infiltration in AAA wall did not differ in studied areas, while the highest oxidative stress was observed in initial part of the aneurysm.

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