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Title: The Assessment of IL-8 Concentration in Gingival Crevicular Fluid after Application of Chlosite and Dentosept in Chronic Periodontitis


Introduction: Chronic periodontitis is an infective disease of tissue supporting the tooth. A decisive role in etiopathogenesis of this condition is played by microorganisms forming the bacterial biofilm.The presence of periodontal pathogens in the film leads to the activation of inflammatory processes which results in the production of cytokine IL - 8 as a form of the body's immune response.The treatment of periodontitis consists in elimination of inflammatory mediators, modification of the response of a host, as well as regeneration of the periodontium tissue.The most important therapeutic procedures include scaling and root planning (SRP) together with local chemotherapy. The following antimicrobial agents were administered: Chlosite produced by Ghimas and Dentosept produced by Phytopharm.Aim of the studyThe aim of the study is the assessment of clinical parameters and the level of IL-8 concentration in the gingival crevicular fluid before and after the SRP procedure and after application of Chlosite, Dentosept and 0,9% solution of sodium chloride in patients with chronic periodontitis. ; Materials and methodsA group of 88 male and female patients diagnosed with chronic periodontitis took part in the research. All the participants were thoroughly examined and had their ABI, mSBI indexes determined and PPD and CAL measured on the 1st day of the project, after 2 weeks and then ; after 6 weeks of treatment. The patients were divided into three groups at random.During the first visit each patient had a sample of GCF taken at the depth of> 5 mm from the pocket of a randomly chosen tooth. Moreover they had the level of IL-8 determined by means of the ELISA test. Then the SRP procedure was applied to the patient's whole dentition.Subsequently, patients in each out of the three groups had a different material applied to the pocket of a chosen tooth. These were Chlosite (CH), Dentosept (DE), and 0,9% solution of sodium chloride (KON). After 2 weeks since the beginning of the treatment clinical examination and determination of the selected periodontal indexes was carried out in each patient.After 6 weeks each patient had the API and mSBI indexes determined and again a sample of GCF taken with the aim of testing the concentration of IL-8 in it.ResultsIn all three groups of patients the levels of API and mSBI indexes decreased within the 6-week period of treatment. The API index fell down from 62.8(29.8) on the first day to 35(27.69) after 6 weeks. The mSBI decreased from 56.6(29.3) to 27.5(22.45). The indexes were falling down gradually within the period of treatment. Statistical analysis proved positive correlation between these indexes. In most cases the depth of the pockets decreased to less than 3mm after 6 weeks of treatment. At the beginning of the proje ; ct the PD value was 6.1 (1.17) and after 6 weeks of treatment it was equal to 3.9 (1.15). The results are statistically significant. The level of IL-8 concentration decreased the most in patients whose pockets were deeper than 5mm and after the treatment were less than 3mm deep in all groups. The result is statistically significant. Moreover, a positive correlation was found between the depth of the pockets and the level of IL-8 after 6 weeks of treatment in patients who had Chlosite and Dentosept applied. There was no connection found between the API, mSBI and CAL indexes and the level of IL-8 in GCF in Chlosite and control groups of patients.However, there was a positive correlation between the API index and the level of IL-8 in the group of patients treated with Dentosept after 6 weeks. Conclusion: The data presented in this thesis suggests that non -surgical treatment of periodontitis combined with the application of antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory agents ie. Chlosite and Dentosept proves effective. Moreover, the best therapeutic results in chronic periodontitis treatment are achieved when scaling and root planing together with Chlosite are applied.

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