Evaluation of treatment results and postoperative quality of life in patients with anterior tongue carcinoma in the material of the Department of Cranio-Maxillo-Facial, Oncological and Reconstructive Surgery of the Jagiellonian University in Cracow


Czajka, Marcin


quality of life ; therapy ; cancer ; tongue


The most common malignancy of the anterior tongue is the squamous cell cancer that shows a varying degree of differentiation. The aim of the work is to evaluate the outcome of the treatment of patients with the anterior tongue cancer treated in the period 1997-2008 depending on the stage of the cancer and the assessment of postoperative quality of life. Statistical analysis showed that patients with GI or I/II cancer have a significantly longer total and relapse-free survival time than other patients, patients with IVa-IVb stage showed shorter overall survival time than patients with III stage and, in turn, the latter survived shorter than patients with stages I-II, in patients with pN+ the following occurred with a statistically significant higher frequency: recurrence, death due to the cancer, and the 3-, 5- and 10-year overall and relapse-free survival times were significantly shorter than in patients with pN0, patients whose primary tumour has been removed radically with a wide margin had longer overall and recurrence-free survival than patients whose lesion has been excised non-radically or radically with a narrow margin of healthy tissue, in case of a relapse of the cancer in patients subjected to chemo- or radiotherapy, the likelihood of surviving 3 or 5 years is significantly lower , the death rate due to the cancer was higher and the total survival time was shorter com ; pared to patients who underwent surgery for this reason. Patients evaluated their overall quality of life as average. The best overall quality of life was seen on the mental functioning scale and the worst on the physical functioning scale.

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2 - studia doktoranckie

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otorynolaryngologia ; onkologia

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Wydział Lekarski


Zapała, Jan



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