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Title: Personality, self-efficacy and stress appraisal in women and men with coronary heart disease


Psychological factors play an important role in etiology and course of coronary artery disease (CAD). Differences between men and women with CAD have not been sufficiently explored. Aims: 1. Analysis of personality (P), self-efficacy (GSES), dispositional (DOS) and situational (SOS) stress appraisal and differences in these factors between patients with myocardial infarction (MI) and stable angina (SA). 2. Description of DOS and SOS and their relationship with P and GSES in patients with CAD. 3. Comparison of women and men with CAD in P, GSES, DOS and SOS. 4. Construction of theoretical model of DOS and SOS in relation to P and GSES in women and men with CAD.171 patients with CAD took part in the research in Cardiology Department of I Cardiology Clinic, University Hospital in Cracow. NEO – FFI, KOS and GSES questionnaires were used.Results: 1. Patients with CAD are higher in agreeableness (A), conscientiousness (C) and GSES and lower in neuroticism (N) and openness to experience (O). Patients with MI are more E and their GSES is higher than people with SA. MI is perceived as more threatening and mobilizing to activity than worsening of SA symptoms. N, E, C and GSES are associated with DOS and SOS. 2. There is DOS and SOS characteristic for patients with CAD. 3. Women with CAD are more N, while men more E and their GSES is higher. 4. It is possible to construct a theoretical mod ; el of DOS and SOS in relation to P and GSES in women and men with CAD.Conclusions: Patients with CAD are characterized by specific P profile and high GSES. People with MI and SA differ in intensity of selected psychological factors. 2. For a big group of patients the most important DOS and SOS is challenge-activity. 3. In women and men with CAD different psychological action is needed.

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