The determinants of coping with the pain of chronic lower limb ischemia


Kadłubowska, Monika


chronic lower limb ischemia ; convictions that pain can be controlled ; chronic pain ; strategies for coping with pain ; type A personality


Introduction: Living through the intense pain that accompanies advanced stages of the disease frequently influences one's own perception of his or her abilities of dealing with pain and the development of strategies that will nullify these unpleasant symptoms. Purpose: The purpose of the study was to determine the factors involved in coping with the pain of chronic lower limb ischemia in order to improve the patient's quality of care.Materials and method: The study group consisted of 100 patients with chronic lower limb ischemia and the comparative group consisted of 100 patients diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. The study was conducted from December 2010 to January 2012. The methods used in the study included document analysis, a diagnostic survey and assessment with the usage of standardized investigation tools (Questionnaire CSQ, BPCQ, IZZ and Framingham Type A Scale, Social Support Scale, VAS, EQ-5D) as well as a specially designed questionnaire. The level of statistical significance was determined to be α < 0,05.Results and Conclusions: Among the diverse strategies of coping with pain of PAD a predominant strategies are praying/hoping and claiming to cope with the situation, moreover, the degree of advancement of disease significantly influenced the strategy of coping with pain. A higher self-assessment of the people’s health in the test group and the internal localisat ; ion of control had an influence on the ability to reduce the pain. The kind of the strategies was determined by the type A personality, health behaviour, kinds of social support and sociodemographic variables.

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Kózka, Maria



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