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Title: Immunomodulating properties of bacterial cell wall components derivedfrom Lactobacillus. Role of exopolysaccharide


The aim of this work was to compare immunomodulating properties of exopolysaccharide (EPS) isolated from L. rhamnosus KL37C with properties of pure exopolysacharide (EPS37), lipoteichoic acid (LTA) and LPS from E.coli. Data shows that, EPS stimulated murine macrophages to secrete inflammatory mediators, but to less extent than the full bacteria L.rhamnosus. The potency of EPS was weaker than that of the LPS, but the cytokine release profile was similar, which indicates a proinflammatory potential of the EPS. Activation of cytokine synthesis by the EPS, LPS and the LTA required activation of the same MAP kinases. In vivo, EPS inhibited the humoral immune response against ovalbumin (OVA) and abolished the adjuvant effect of the LPS. Pure EPS37 did not stimulate cytokine production by macrophages. In oposition to the LTA, the EPS37 did not induce synthesis of the PGE2 by macrophages, nor did it affect expression of the COX-2 protein in cells. EPS37 had no effect on phagocytosis of dextran molecules by macrophage cells. Both the EPS37 and the LTA decreased ROS production in the neutrophils stimulated with zymosan. The tested factors induced production of the IL-12p40 and very low levels of the IL-6 in DC. However stimulation with EPS37 did not lead to the synthesis of IL-10. EPS37 and LTA had an effect on antigen presentation and processing, showed by the activation of OVA-specific lymphocytes measured by an increase in the synthesis of the IL-2. BothEPS37 and LTA, like EPS, inhibited the OVA-specific humoral immune response and abolished the LPS adjuvant effect.

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