The value of computed tomography virtual bronchoscopy in evaluation tumors of bronchial tree


Wojciechowski, Wadim


virtual endoscopy ; computed tomography ; lang cancer ; 3D imaging


The aim of the thesis was working out the optimal method of bronchial tree examination using CT virtual bronchoscopy and evaluation of the method for its diagnostic accuracy in the assessment of tung malignancies. Additionally, diagnostic accuracy of the used CT system was analyzed. In the experimental phase of the study phantom examinations were performed to develop optimal method of diagnosing bronchial tree. In the clinical phase the parameters were used in the examinations of patients with the diagnosed malignant lesions in the bronchial tree. It was observed that independently of the generation of CT system, most important for the improvement of image quality is reducing the width of the examined slice. In case of the singleslice CT scanner optimal value was about 2, 7 mm and the respective figure for the multislice CT scanner is 1 mm. Optima} pitch value and reconstruction interval was 1,5 and 50%, independently of the used CT system. After establishing optimal acquisition parameters, the examination was conducted in 154 patients from the University Hospital in Cracow and the University Hospital in Leuven (Belgium). It was shown that singleslice CT virtual bronchoscopy allows reliable evaluation of the lesions with central localization in the bronchial tree, white diagnostic accuracy of multislice CT virtual bronchoscopy is comparable with bronchofib ; eroscopy in the evaluation of lesions with central and segmental localization. As a result of the conducted study it was concluded that the type of the used CT system has effect on the obtained results. Multislice CT is more accurate in assessing the lesions localized in the bronchial tree in considerably shorter time.

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Wydział Lekarski


Urbanik, Andrzej



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