Behaviour of homocysteine concentration in the serum of patients after kidney transplantation


Aksamit, Dariusz


hyperhomocysteinemia ; kidney transplantation ; homocysteine


Homocysteine (Hcy) 1s a sulphuric amino acid rozprawy generated as a result of methionine demethylation. Atherogenic significance of hyperhomocysteinemia has been confirmed m numerous studies and currently is regarded as an independent factor contributing to atheromatosis development. The study was conducted in 51 patients (17F, 34M) at the age from 15 to 62 (average: 38.1 years old), in whom kidney transplantations from cadavor donors were performed. Before kidney transplantation was performed in the analysed group of patients, hyperhomocysteinemia was recorded in 86% of the patients. However, after kidney transplantation Hcy concentration was decreased on average by 35.2%. The largest drop of Hey level was observed in the first period after kidney transplantation. The influence of acute renal tubule necrosis upon homocysteine concentration was assessed after kidney transplantation as well. Both the necessity of performing hemodialyses and their number did not affect Hcy concentrations in the periods being analysed. Relationship between renal function and Hey concentration was confirmed in the analysed group of patients. A statistically significant positive correlation was found between creatinine and Hcy concentrations in each period after kidney transplantation. Similar results were obtained when analysing the relationship between Hcy level and creatinine cle ; arance. In the analysed group of patients no statistically significant relationships between Hcy concentrations and immunosuppression treatment were recorded. When analysing the atherogenic Hcy activity, a relationship was found between the CCA IMT index and homocysteinemia at each stage of the study. In addition, it was noted that some lipid disorders affected the change in the CCA IMT index m persons under analysis ( total cholesterol and Lp(a)).

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