Evaluation of zinc and magnesium levels in postpartum depression


Wójcik, Jacek


DBH ; postpartum depression ; zinc and magnesium


The aim of this research was to observe if zinc, Magnesium, activity of DBH and nutrition had influence on postnatal depression. There were 66 female patients in perinatal time. Level of zinc, Magnesium and activity of DBH were measured; 1 month before birth, third day after birth and one month after the birth in the blooa's serum. The mental conaition was measurea by Beck Depression lnventory and Edinburgh Postpartum Depression Scale. 42% of patients had symptoms of depression in the third day after the birth but after one month it reduced to 29% of observed patients. 42% of patients had reduced mood 1 month before birth and 3 days atter, atterwards it began to normalize. But in 29% of patients the reduced mood persisted; 1 month after birth. The zinc level in the blood's serum observed in patients was lower 1 month before birth,3 days before birth but 1 month after the birth it normalized. In patients with diagnosed postnatal depression the zinc level 1 month after birth was compąrable with the levels observed 1 month before birth and 3 days after birth. The level of Magnesium in blood's serum did not change but it was higher then norma/ levels. The activity of DBH did not change. Analysis of the nutrition questionnaire, witch was used 1 month after the birth did not show difference in nutrition. A negative correlation was observed between the level of zinc and intensity ; of depression symptoms.

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położnictwo ; psychiatria

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Nowak, Gabriel



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