Pharmacoeconomic analysis of chemotherapy of ovarian cancer


Paździora, Jolanta


pharmacoeconomic analysis ; paclitaxel ; ovarian cancer ; cytostatics ; effectiveness of treatment


The aim of this work is to compare the costs and effects of chemotherapy with paclitaxel vs. the older generations of cytostatics in treatment of advanced ovarian cancer in Poland. The data were collected retrospectively (1997-2002). The costs of diagnostic test, hospitalization, ambulatory visits, cytostatics and additional medications were estimated. The following costs of the medications were assessed: cytostatics, antivomiting drugs and granulocyte colony-stimulating factors. The total amount of medication's expenditures was calculated according to the real consumption (metode A) and according to the estimated central preparation of drugs, what allows to avoid the loses of unused amounts of medicines contained in originally package. All costs were in polish zloty. The average costs of cytostatics per patient for paclitaxel/cisplatin, paclitaxel/carboplatin and cyklofosfamid/cisplatin schemes were as follows: 18191,47zł; 21460,60 zł 1 577,39 zł. The costs of hospitalization and ambulatory visits formed a small percentage /8-30%/ of the total costs. The highest costs were conected with immunological and the radiological tests. The costs were compared with an effectiveness data of analysed schemes. The effectiveness of treatment were presented as percentage of patients, who survive 1-year and 3-years. The highest surviving time was observed in the paklitaxel/carboplatin sche ; me (over 46 months), the lowest one in cyklofosfarnid/cisplatin scheme (below 40 months). The provided analysis showed, that in Polish conditions the main factor affecting the costs of chemotherapy is the cost of cytostatics. The factor which many decreased the total costs of treatment of ovarian cancer is centralized preparation of cytostatics and introducing the generic drugs.

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system ochrony zdrowia ; onkologia ; ginekologia

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Wydział Farmaceutyczny


Brandys, Jerzy



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