Incidence and clinical significance of atypical epithelial cells of the uterine cervix


Ludwin, Inga


atypical squamous cells ; cervical cancer ; Bethesda 2001 system ; atypical glandular cells


The aim of our research was determination of ASC and AGC frequency and their clinical significance. The study material consisted of 5000 women. In this group ASC in 4,96% and AGC in 0,7% were stated. The influence of HPV infections, vaginal flora and hormonal factors on incidence and retention of ASC and AGC was evaluated. We defined cytopathologic traits of ASC and AGC, in women with detected precancerous lesions or cancer. Based on ASC and AGC transformation during observation and results of colposcopic, viral, and histological examinations we defined strategy management in those lesions. ASC in 23,7% and AGC in 48,6% are connected with occurrence of clinically significant lesions 111 further diagnostic proceedings. There is no relation between cytohormonal reaction or vaginal flora and incidence of ASC and AGC. The isolation in group of AGC the endometrial subgroup, and in group of ASC the ASC-H subgroup is legitimate in view of observed in these subgroups lesions that require surgery. The separation in cytological assessment of cervical smears ASC and AGC with taking into consideration cytopathologic traits and coexistence of high-risk HPV infection permits isolating clinically insignificant ASC and AGC from these required fast diagnostic and therapeutic management. We think, based on our observation that in ASC group the second control cytology with precise evaluation of c ; ytopathologic traits and/or colposcopy will be the best strategy of management. In women with AGC we recommend colposcopy, and excochleation of cervical canal and uterine cavity. The high-risk HPV tests is equivalent procedure in both groups.

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