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Title: Pregant woman fear and the choice of method of anesthesia to planned cesarotomy


The choice of appropriate method of anaesthesia is very important matter in each case. Although the definite decision is made by an anaesthesiologist, patients part in making this decision cannot be omitted. There is a lot of factors that have great influence on making decisions, especially on ones connected with heath. lt is commonly known that fear that occurs in perioperative period has great influence on making decision. That is why perioperative patients, has great influence on decision connected with their health. In anaesthesiology bibliography there is only few works that take up fear that perioperative patients have. However problem of fear that female patients, being prepared to planned cesarotomy, have and its influence on decisions of method of anaesthesiology hasn't been researched yet. There is an attempt to estimate if fear, that perioperative female patients have, has got great influence on decision about method of anaesthesia to planned cesarotomy. Female patients were divided into two groups: 42 primipara patients and 48 multipara patients. All women were classified regardless of previous anaesthesiology experiences. There is an estimation of fear-state and fear-feature and their influence on the choice of method of anaesthesia, correlation between method of anaesthesia and own estimation of fear of anaesthesia, source of knowledge about anaesthesia and its ; influence on the choice of method of anaesthesia. There is also a analysis of the survey, which shows the most important reasons for choice of method of anaesthesia. Female patients fear is stated to be as a very important factor in choice of method of anaesthesia to planned cesarotomy. Patient knowledge about method of anaesthesia and previous anaesthesiology experiences are also very important factors. Moreover there is also analysis of other factors in it. Fear, that hospitalized and perioperative patients have, importance of information that reduces the fear and importance of fear and factors that reduce one and their influence on decisions were taken as a theoretical foundation. In this work there is an analysis of results of researches, done by polish and foreign authors, into the fear that occurs in perioperative and postoperative period, influence of fear on psychological state and on postoperative period and convalescent. All the researches were conducted on maternity ward in City Hospital in Kielce. Researches were done over 90 pregnant patients, who were being prepared to planned cesarotomy, and to whom there were no contraindication for either conduction or general anaesthesia. Conduction anaesthesia at cesarotomy can be done providing that patient has got great desire to take part in delivering the baby. Results based on researches will Jet to use in clinical pr ; actice more effective method of reducing fear of anaesthesia. Moreover it will make easier for patients to live during perioperative period.

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